Tim Computers

Professional Computer Services

Technical Consulting

Our DevOps experts can design a CI/CD pipeline for your business and help you set it up correctly. To ensure successful implementation we install and configure the appropriate DevOps-specific tools, regarding:

DevOps Implementation

Our expert team is also able to take care of the initial technical implementation of your organization's DevOps. We conduct strategic planning, develop a detailed DevOps implementation roadmap, and assist in setting up your DevOps solution.

When implementing DevOps you may encounter several difficulties. For instance, employees could have knowledge gaps about using certain tools, or your automated testing coverage could be insufficient in its speed and/or efficiency. Our DevOps consultants are ready to analyze any problems you have, apply solutions to your DevOps strategy and tune processes like application monitoring or CI/CD tools, to reduce the risk of additional problem occurring.

Maintenance & Support

After completion of the DevOps implementation, TimComputer's consultants are here to train your in-house team on maintaining the DevOps approach independently and, if necessary, dealing with and supporting technical issues (e.g., CI/CD configuration errors) that may arise.